Shine On Me also has other capabilities that your normal detailer wouldn't,  such as dent and scratch repair. This is based on a case by case situation and quotes are determined by the condition and time it takes to remove or disguise the blemish.

*Excessive condition will be charged additional time and material

** Conditions that are excessive will be charged additional for time and materials used quoted before work is done.

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Below is an overview of the services and solutions Shine On Me Mobile Detail provides.  At Shine On Me, we have been serving the Denver Metro area since 2005 and aim to provide the same convenient, quality service that has made us a leader in the auto detail industry.  If a service is not listed, it does not mean we can not do it.   Please call and inquire on your specific need and we can give you a free quote on custom work.

This is a list of common services we provide and a little information about those services.  If you have any question related to the listed services, please don't hesitate to call us at 303-667-1560 or email

​                                                                                                          SMALL                SUV/MINIVAN         X-LARGE P/U
         #1 Hand Wash & Wipe                                                        $32.00                $42.00                       $55.00          
               Wash and Rinse Car, Towel Dry,
               clean windows & Mirrors, dress Tires OR
               Complete Interior wipe down, door jams vacuum

               and windows inside Trash and debris removed

         #2Hand Wash & Wipe Plus Interior                               $45.00                $55.00                       $65.00
               Wash and Rinse Car, clean door jams, wash Rims
               Dress tires, vacuum floors under seats, Dress
               interior dash and door panels, clean Windows
2A   Add Exterior Wax                                $105.00              $120.00                     $130.00
                                  2B   Add Shampoo carpets & Mats         $110.00              $125.00                     $130.00

          #3Mini Detail (By Appointment only)                          $160.00               $180.00                     $200.00
                Hand Wash & Wipe Service PLUS Exterior wax 
                and Shampoo carpets and Mats

          #4Full Detail       (By Appointment only)                     $255.00               $285.00                    $300.00
                Mini Detail service PLUS, Clay bar Paint Sealant,
                Polish Chrome Clean / Condition exterior rubber
                /vinyl trim, De-grease Door Jams, Dress all rubber
                black inside & outside, steam vents wash windows
Add Engine Deep Clean      $35.00                  $35.00                     $40.00        

                                                                                           Additional Services
                                                             Tar Removal                                                    From $38.00**
                                                             Road Paint Removal                                       From $60.00**
                                                             Convertible and Vinyl Top / Deep Clean                 $60.00**
                                                             Custom / Alloy Wheel Polishing                    From $80.00**
                                                             Engine Power Wash                                                  $35.00**
                                                             Clay Bar application                                                  $50.00**

                                                             NEW Ceramic Coating services    starting at $900.00
                                                                           **Prices do NOT include required car wash