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Ceramic Coating Treatment

Through the use of NanoCeramic Coating Technology, our professional vendor Total Auto Solutions is changing the dynamics of vehicle protection products.  The ceramic coatings are based on ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramic) which is the working together of nanotechnology and Silica Dioxide (SiO2).  

There are NO waxes or sealants on the market that use nanoceramic technology and so within months of application they wash off or melt away.  However or ceramic coatings infuse the clearcoat with SiO2 and harden it to a 9H hardness.  This gives your vehicle a high resistance to abrasion, protection against corrosion, environmental pest and harmful effects of the sun.


Ceramic coatings are the wave of the future in automobile care and Shine On Me has the certified detailers on staff to complete your coating and leave you with a less maintenance free car that stays clean longer, has protection for three years and is guaranteed to amaze you with the results.


Is it worth it? Absolutely. Car wash facilities charge a minimum of $35 dollars a month for their so called wash programs.  With the time and energy it takes to drive there, wait in line, and not leave with the superior level of protection this products leaves makes no sense.  This product is applied with great care and the results are  unachievable levels of gloss, durability, scratch and chemical resistance.  CC105 is applied to car paint, plastic trim and bumpers with an easy one-step application ensuring three years of durable nano ceramic protection.  It's unique composite technology enables you to achieve a thick two layer coating with one easy application.

THE GREATEST attribute of CC105 is the ease of maintenance it provides.  When CC105 is applied, the nano composite structure forms a super slick hydrophobic surface.  Having a hydrophobic surface allows dirt to slide off the paint and will allow your automobile to self clean when drying through rain.  


This application is done BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and has a deposit of $200.00 for the supply ordering to secure your date and time.  Call 303-667-1560 for appointment.

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